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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Starting to think at a new level thanks to Rob Bell's book. It is as I have said before, brilliant. The book is provoking serious thought as to what it is to live as a Christian in today's World. I am on a whole new Journey as I consider what it is to worship within the context of what he is saying and where we go from there.

I think, in terms of what it is to lead someone on the Journey into God's Truth, I almost feel that I have been blind to so much. It is genuinely enthralling to consider God's constant desire to reveal Himself to us, and the living nature of His Word.

I know God is crying out for us to engage at a whole new level. Let us be open to this call and I think that you will be amazed at how God will speak to us, what He will Say and who He chooses to say these things to us.


  • Must seek that one out - you're the second to recommend it!

    Welcme to Reluctant souls and welcome back to youth minsitry :oD

    I'm sure not much has changed really: still got young people teaching us things we thought we'd be teaching them!!!

    By Blogger Roger Vere Youth Worker, at 10:46 AM  

  • Sarah,

    You are very good at this blogging thing...!

    Read your excellent article on being 'One of the Lads'....Sometimes we Lads struggle with doin' that too!

    Get Velvet Elvis. Small book, Big Impact...

    Young people tuned into God can be very wise indeed...'From the Lips of Children He has ordained Praise'.

    Look forward to more comments goin' forward. Thanks for the welcome too!

    By Blogger Ed Lane, at 6:18 AM  

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